Rally Peking Paris

13,695 Kilometers in 35 days

The toughest rally for vintage and classic cars

Everyone who gets through is a winner

With a 1928 Bentley Supersport with approximately 180 horsepower Helmut Rothenberger and Michael Schmidt will participate in the greatest motoring adventure on four wheels – the rally Peking – Paris from June 12 to July 17, 2016! Helmut Rothenberger and Michael Schmidt will enter the most extraordinary journey possible in the motoring world.

William Medcalf, the renowned specialist for rally preparations and multiple participant of the rally Peking – Paris, has prepared the Bentley 1928 Supersport for this outstanding event. With an engine seize of 5.3 litres this Bentley Supersport will start at position number 7. The team has already covered over 3,000 testing miles and is exited for the challenge of their life.

It has been one of the most important challenges to find the right name for our car. Within our team and the family we had a competition and finally we decided on the name GREEN EAGLE, which has been proposed by the grandchildren of Helmut Rothenberger - Sophia, Clara, Carlotta and Eddy. We all hope that the GREEN EAGLE flies through Mongolia.

This rally is the most demanding and amazing journey anyone can drive in a vintage or classic car in today’s world. More than 13,000 kilometers, mostly on unpaved roads with a technique that can only be driven by a handful of people worldwide. With the expression “Changing gears!” Helmut Rothenberger outlines his passion. This rally is the utmost crucial test for man and machine and is probably one of the last great adventures on four wheels in this world.

The Pilots

Dr. Helmut Rothenberger, Pilot and Michael Schmidt, Co-Pilot and Chief Mechanic
Classic racing and rallys have always been the passion of Helmut Rothenberger. He participated in Goodwood, Le Mans Classic, multiple times at the Mille Miglia and other important events. He now takes on the challenge for driving from Peking to Paris.

The Car

Bentley 3 litre Supersport 1928
The Bentley Supersport 1928 has been especially built by Bentley for sporting events. With the expertise of the team around William Medcalf over a timeline of 18 months this car has been prepared based on the experience of the participation of William Medcalf in this historic race between Peking and Paris.

The Route

The 2016 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge starts from the Great Wall outside Beijing. The route drives into the most adventurous regions of Mongolia, the stunningly beautiful northern sector. Then we will cross into Russia and on to the Republic of Belarus, through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and France.