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We arrived finally in Paris.

The successful end of a long journey ...

Incredible reception

and arrival in Ypres.

Arrived after 650 km in Lüttich

The Belgian Teams were welcomed ...

Ready to go to Liege

650 km, quite challenging with lot’s of tests.

Arrived safely in Stettin

after 380 km on wild off roads.

Yesterday was a tough drive

to the former German city of Bromberg

Start today from Riga

Start today at 08:19 from Riga to Mikotajki

Poland, what a country ...

Great landscape and strong economy.

Green Eagle on it’s way to Riga

The Green Eagle is on it’s way to Riga ...

Final Test Drive:

Yesterday we completed the final test drive

Dear Friends,

After exactly 3 years the Green Eagle team ...

Dear Friends,

After exactly 3 years the Green Eagle team, Michael Schmidt and Dr. Helmut Rothenberger, are back in business. Our motto has been and still is “we never give up”.

As we had a bad accident in Slovenia we are now ready to finalize our journey to Paris. The organization ERA gave us our old starting No. 7.

Dear Friends and Followers,

The Peking to Paris adventure is over now and it has been a long journey and an exciting experience, which we will never forget!

A deep thank you for all your support, thoughts, wishes, motivations, visits and all your messages.

"Der Weg ist das Ziel!" (The way is the goal!)

Day 27/28

Smoke came out of the motor. Oil everywhere.

Day 26

A very bad hotel in Brest/Belarus, heavy rain and ...

Day 24

Please take a seat and drive with us ...

Day 22

Long day with nearly 500 km and 3 speed tests.

Day 21

Thanks to the team of ROTHENBERGER Russia

Münchner Merkur Journal

Immer am Limit - Die härteste Oldtimer-Rallye der Welt

Day 18

Today we have crossed the border between Asia and Europe

Day 17

Surprise visit of the team of ROTHENBERGER Russia in Yekatarinburg.

Day 16

We had a long driving day, taking us through the endless distances in Siberia.

Day 15

720 km to Omsk. Green Eagle was in a great shape ...

Day 12 and 13

After 200 km on wet dirt roads the clutch made noises

Day 12

Again a challenging day.

Day 10

We have been off line for some days crossing some of the most beautiful sceneries

Day 6

The German ambassador welcomed us as the only German team.

Repair Day

Today was repair day. William Medcalf flew in from UK with spare parts ...

Day 4

Driving the impossible.

The future of China

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

to CoPilot Michael Schmidt.

Green Eagle is ready to rumble

Gobi, we are coming.

Inspection of the start point

on Sunday at the Great Wall

Last test on the Mille Miglia

for P2P successfully completed.

The final waterproof test

of the Prince Henry of Prussia rain coat, cap and gloves ...

Emergency roof

We finally decided on an emergency roof, which is only useable up to 80 km an hour.

Ready for take off

On the road, testing Green Eagle at minus 2 degree Celsius.

Helmut Rothenberger

with a copy of the original coat, which was designed by Prince Henry of Prussia.

The car is fully prepared

and ready for the final inspection.

Team Medcalf

This is the complete team Medcalf