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Day 10

We have been off line for some days crossing some of the most beautiful sceneries but definitely the worst roads you can imagine.

The Mongolians are very enthusiastic and even the police took pictures with us after passing with 130 km/h in a 60 km/h zone.

We made it to 1st in class and have now to defend our position, which will be tough.

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Comment by Pia and Rudy |

Hello Dear Helmut and GREEN EAGLE Team...``We are with you" We admire your courage and all the tough moments you have been going through. But knowing you Helmut, I am sure you take the best out of them....

I am very admirative; as it seems so hard....

warm thoughts to you from us.
Take care as always.

Pia, Rudy and Jeremy xxx

Comment by Jörg Seeberger, Dr. Helmut Rothenberger Holding |

Hello Dr. Rothenberger, hello Michael,
you made it to the 1st in class as you already indicated when we talked in the Frankfurt office. For that our deep respect! We keep our fingers crossed for you to hold the position and wish you an exciting but safe onward journey.
Best wishes from Frankfurt
Jörg Seeberger

Comment by Team Icario |

Dear Mr. Helmut,
We are very happy for your position!
We are following you every day - only during lunch time and afterwork, promised :) -
Go on this way!
Kindest Regards
Your Icario Team

Comment by Generalkonsul der Mongolei zu Frankfurt am Main, Dirk Pfeil |

Lieber Dr. Rothenberger,
herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dem bisher erreichten. Ich hoffe, dass Ihnen "meine" Mongolei nicht nur gefällt, sondern Sie auch mit mir einmal zu weniger anstrengendem Sightseeing nach Ulaanbaatar zurückkehren.

Es gibt jedenfalls noch kein Bild mit zwei Mongolischen Polizisten bei Geschwindigkeitsüberschreitung mit mir. Weiterhin alles Gute

Ihr Dirk Pfeil