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Day 18

Today we have crossed the border between Asia and Europe and have substantial problems with our car as a result of the difficult roads in Mongolia.

We are trying to repair Green Eagle tonight.

In Perm the arrival of the cars has attracted great interest of the local people.

Tomorrow we will be at 7:30 at the start line to go to Paris.

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Comment by Georg Vollmer |

Lieber Helmut ,almost half way in terms of days.great performance of crew and car.repairs are inherent part of the race and will not stop you we are sure.keep going and changing not forget:live to race and race to live!
In thoughts we are with you at every hole or bump in the road.
Kindest regards
Georg und Sigrid

Comment by TEAM ICARIO |

Team Icario couldn't be more proud of You!
We knew that you would have made it till Europe!
We admire your tenacity!
Good Luck for Tomorrow
Best Regards
Your Team Icario

Comment by Ramona & Markus |

Outstanding to make this very hard ride ..... We are chrossing fingers and following every day unil your are in Paris ..... "Hut ab" Ramona & Markus