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Day 22

Long day with nearly 500 km and 3 speed tests. Green Eagle raced again with top results.

However 10 km after the race track: Shock!!!!

Oil pressure fell to zero. First thought: Rallye is over. We never see Paris.

But Navi Schmidt found the problem within 1 hour - blocked oil pressure valve.

Now we raced behind the crowd to catch up, to make our time control. If shi.... happens: the pontoon bridge was closed due to the passage of a Volga clipper. After it opened again, traffic rules were no longer important.

The question was, class win or Russian jail. We decided for the first and made our day!

We never give up, Paris here we come!

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Comment by John Blades |

Heidi has just been showing me your adventure so far. You are a gluten for punishment! The good old Bentley cars will go on for ever.
Please look after it and yourself of course. What a wonderful thing to experience and so happy you can share it with us all.
Wishing you a safe onward journey to Paris.
All the best,
John, Val and Heidi

Comment by Sophie Schmidt |

Ganz unser Vater/Mann ... :)
Einen besseren Navigator kann man sich vermutlich nicht vorstellen.
Ganz liebe Grüße und viel Glück weiterhin.
Passt auf euch auf!
Familie Schmidt