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Day 27/28

Great weather, our thoughts are already in Paris. Smoke came out of the motor. Oil everywhere. The oil pipe burst. 2 gallons of oil all over the car on a narrow mountain road. Rally over????

We jumped out of the car, stopped the motor and saw the disaster. Navi Schmidt burned his arm by trying to stop the oil. Emergency repair with the help of our fantastic sweepmechanic Andy. We lost 90 minutes knowing, that there are still 85 kilometers ahead of us with 2 speed tests and only 70 minutes to go. Marco and Max gave us oil to fill up and we performed a hell race to make the time. We never give up and made it with only 40 seconds left.

Another drama on our P2P adventure which went well. Still at 1st in our class we arrived in Budapest, welcomed by Rauschi and Mr. Horvath, managing director of ROTHENBERGER  Hungary.

The rest day in Budapest was a full repair day at an Opel dealer and Green Eagle is ready to attack again with fresh Dunlop racing tyres.

We keep you informed on our trip tomorrow to Slovenia.

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Comment by Bernd Dressler |

Hallo Herr Dr. Rothenberger,

jetzt dachten wir Sie haben es bereits geschafft. Ich denke langsam reicht es sogar Ihnen und Sie warten nur noch auf die Zieleinfahrt in Paris. Mittlerweile zeigt die aktuelle Route Italien nördlich des Gardasees an. Ich hoffe Sie können dort nach einigen herausragenden Hotelerfahrungen endlich gepflegt einen schönen Rotwein, vielleicht sogar von ICARIO genießen. Viel Freude auf den letzten "Metern" - Go, Go, Go

Bernd Dressler

Comment by Pia and Rudy |

No news since yesterday... I do hope you are driving well towards Slovenia and you have been able to go to the hotel last night to rest.
Good night and happy drive for your morning!
thoughts xxx Pia and Family

Comment by Jörg Seeberger, Holding team Frankfurt |

Hello Dr. Rothenberger and Hello Michael,
I hope that Michael's hand injury from the hot oil is not severe! And I recognized you guys found a friendly Opel dealer with a modern and well equipped garage. :-)
And again you made it! Very amazing to see all that going on from the safe harbour, let alone being all the time in the middle of everything like you are. Now there are only a few steps left to go and I wish you good luck for the class victory and arrival in Paris. As the vintage Opel advertisement said: "Fahre sicher, sauber, schnell!"
Jörg Seeberger

Comment by Dr. Florian Nicolai Brandt |

Lieber Helmut
Ihr lasst Euch doch nicht von ein paar Ölspritzern aufhalten!!!!
Press on,- and watch the Oil pressure gauge....
Vermisste Dich in Le Mans....
Good motoring,-

Comment by Stenzel, Hans-Otto |

Gott sei Dank bleiben nach der heutigen Etappe nur noch sechs bis zum Ziel. Bei Verfolgung der Rallye-Erfolge und -Miseren fragt man sich, wer mehr gestresst ist;
Das Rallye-Team oder deren Freunde. Mit dem Prinzip "never give up" und einer Prise Glück wird das Rothenberger-Team bestimmt als Nr. 1 in seiner Klasse in Paris eintreffen. Aber das mit dem "No. 1" hat ja auch schon Tradition ... Remember?

Viel Glück
Hans-Otto Stenzel

Comment by pia and Rudy |

OOOOULLALA!!!! What an experience again!!! but as usual you made it, and it seems your BRAVO! You and Mr Schmidt are great. Bravo to all your team, and doctors of car!!!
We are sending good vibes.
Safe trip to Slovenia and good luck !!!!
XXX Pia Rudy and Jeremy