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Dear Friends,

After exactly 3 years the Green Eagle team, Michael Schmidt and Dr. Helmut Rothenberger, are back in business. Our motto has been and still is “we never give up”.

As we had a bad accident in Slovenia we are now ready to finalize our journey to Paris. The organization ERA gave us our old starting No. 7.

We will join the gang in Riga on June 30, 2019 to hopefully arrive in Paris at the Place Vendome on July 7, 2019. We will leave Frankfurt with our Green Eagle on June 27, 2019 going to Poznan in Poland and Kaunas in Lithuania, arriving in the evening of June 29, 2019 in Riga. The whole journey Frankfurt – Riga – Paris – Frankfurt will be over 4.000 km and we are ready to go.

Please follow our blogs! From today there are only 26 days to go.

So long,
The Green Eagle Team

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