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Inspection of the start point

on Sunday at the Great Wall showing our route to Mongolia.

Chinese inscription from Mao Tse-tung:

A man, who has not been here, is not a hero

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Comment by Peter Gatti |

Toll, dass Ihr es schon so weit geschafft habt. Ich wünsche Euch weiter guten Orientierungssinn, beste Laune und Elan und schönes Wetter. Weiterhin viel Spass auf Eurer Tour, ich drücke Euch beide Daumen
herzliche Grüße, Peter

Comment by Heidi & Mark Walker |

So happy to be following you on your epic journey. Enjoy every moment and stay safe!

Comment by Castle, Regina |

We are following you on the website.
Enjoy yourselves and have a great ride!