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Poland, what a country ...

Great landscape and strong economy. Warshaw is booming and everywhere are young people. The autobahn is better than in Germany.

Visited without notice Rothenberger Poland and RÖHM Poland. Great team with lots of opportunities. Great surprise.

We totally underestimated the distances. East of our route we passed the Ukraine and Belorussia. Totally we will cover 4800 km, one third of the distance from Peking to Paris.

Green Eagle is running great. We only have slight clutch and motor heat problems. Michael Schmidt is doing a great Job. He repairs and I teach him some history of the last war. We passed the point, where the Russians and Americans met early 1945 to finally conquer Berlin.

Tomorrow we are heading to Riga (old Hanse town) to welcome the rally team from Peking.

So long. We never give up until we arrive in Paris.

The Green Eagle Team

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