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Repair Day

Today was repair day. William Medcalf flew in from UK with spare parts and repaired with us for one day the heavy damages from our desert trial. Green Eagle is again ready to rumble. If we make the next 5 days in the desert Gobi to Novosibirsk, we will make it to Paris. We both need sleeping tablets tonight.

We got a lot of attention in Ulaan Bataar by the next generation. So long.

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Comment by pia and Rudy |

Hello Helmut and Michael,

We are following you.... you have been going through tuff moments we can see.... most good luck and courage to you... this is hard we can see but you have so much energy and motivation, we are with you
Take care and you are THE BEST!!

KIsses, Pia and Rudy and Jeremy!!

Comment by Georg Vollmer |

Weiter so.durchhalten heisst die parole.drueck euch die daumen
LG Georg

Comment by Georg Vollmer |

Ihr schafft das,davon bin ich ueberzeugt.durchhalten heisst die parole.
Bewundernde gruesse

Comment by Horst |

Ach du heilig´s Blechle! Ich sag‘ mal Christophorus Bescheid, er soll ein, besser zwei Augen auf Euch werfen und seine schützende Hand darauf legen. Ist diesmal eine richtige Torture für den Wagen.
Weiterhin viel Erfolg!