The Pilots

Dr. Helmut Rothenberger | Pilot
Classic racing and rallys have always been the passion of Helmut Rothenberger. He participated in Goodwood, Le Mans Classic, multiple times at the Mille Miglia and other important events. He now takes on the challenge for driving from Peking to Paris.

“This will be one of the most important challenges in my life, which will take me up to my limits. To arrive in Paris is our goal. To win – at least our class – is our target !!”

Michael Schmidt | Co-Pilot and Chief Mechanic
His team mate Michael Schmidt has been running his own motor repair shop for many years and is well experienced in assembling and disassembling the Bentley Supersport in daylight and at night. He knows every single part. He feels with the car. He understands the motions.

“If we do not make it to Paris and if we do not win, it will not be my fault, as the car will always be ready. It is the machine I take the responsibility for and it will not let us down.”

The Support Team behind

They are all very anxious to get Helmut Rothenberger and Michael Schmidt to the start line in Beijing. After a preparation time of over 18 months everyone is excited to see what will happen on this journey of 13,695 kilometers.

The backup team is there.

Rothenberger Team behind

Official road and service manager

René Rauschenbach, a long-term car enthusiast and experienced participant in many rallies and races is responsible for the Classic Car Stable of Helmut Rothenberger. His function will be to be on alert and stand-by in case any support and help is required. He promised to be on the watch with his mobile phone 35 days, 24 hours a day. He will make sure that we will not break down.

Rothenberger Team - road and service manager

Official medical team

Dr. Wolfgang Drossard, the renowned internist from Kelkheim, Germany, has been appointed as the official doctor and medical support of our team. He has been following the team’s preparation over the last 18 months including the physical fitness training and healthy lifestyle.

With more than 13 vaccinations the team is well prepared against all possible infections and diseases.

All wild dogs in China, Mongolia and Russia are welcome to bite us. They will not stop the team from racing to Paris.

Rothenberger Team - Official doctor

Official air recovery unit

PAD Aviation Service GmbH from Paderborn has been appointed as the official air recovery unit. The renown private airline with state-of-the art citation jets has arranged a stand-by watch to be in the air for emergency recovery within 3 hours. The head-pilot, Mr. Wittland, is an experienced emergency pilot, flying and landing even at remote areas and countries.

Rothenberger Team - Emergency Pilot